Instagram Hacks

Everybody wants to get MORE likes, MORE followers, and MORE comments on their posts. But how do you actually do it?

Use Hashtags


This one might seem kind of obvious, yet so many people still don't do it. I've heard everything from, "I don't know what hashtags to use" all the way to, "I don't want to use hashtags cause they're annoying." Well let me tell you... Hashtags were literally created for the sole purpose of people being able to find the EXACT content they want to see. There is no "magic number" for hashtags, but studies have shown that using 11 hashtags for instagram boosts engagement the most. So get to hash-tagging!


Tag people


Tagging people in your posts is another great way to get more engagement on your content! Anytime you tag someone in a post it notifies them immediately, and helps boost your initial engagement. Now don't go tagging every follower each time you post, but make sure you are tagging brands and people in every post that you can strategically connect them to!




Sometimes people get so caught up in building their social media account that they forget to just ENGAGE. You can't expect your audience to engage with you, if you don't ever reciprocate. When your followers post, comment on their photo's, have conversations with them, and just connect. Don't forget the whole purpose of social media... to SOCIALIZE!


What else?


At Generation Marketing we help guide you through all of these steps and boost your results. Quit hoping and praying for more likes and followers! We streamline these steps so you have more time to connect and grow with the people you care about!